Well, hello….


“Macabre, miserable, and maniacal.”

Well damn, that’s a depressing tagline.  I guess that’s what I get for having my buddy Chris help me build this site.  Apparently he thinks I’m the next Edgar Allan Poe.  I guess that’d be alright by me–well, except for the drunken delirium and death at forty  (OK, OK, maybe the drunken delirium wouldn’t be so bad).  But I digress.

My name is Tyson Hanks (in some circles I’m known as Anthony), and I write stories.  I do a lot of other things too, and have many other interests, but I’ll not chew up your time with that here.  You can get some more dirt on me by heading over to my “About Tyson” link.

In the meantime, I simply wanted to thank you all for stopping by my new website, and tell you that if you come back to see me here I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.  Now go on and click some of my links; you know you want to….