Tyson’s Reading Update, August 13th, 2016

It’s a new month, and I’ve got a whole new lineup of books I’m reading.  I have so much stuff to read, it’s insane.  But being able to “read” three or more books at a time across different mediums is really helping chip away at the list. Here’s what I’ve got going this month:






The Physical Book

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.  I’m less than 100 pages in, but I really like what I’ve read so far.  It’s creepy in a way that makes the reader wish they were a kid again, because the adults are the clueless ones and the most vulnerable.  I arrived really late to the “Neil Gaiman Party,” but damn, I’m glad I got here…


The e-Book

Crota, by Owl Goingback.  I’m proud to call Owl Goingback a friend and mentor.  Look, you don’t have to take my word for it.  Take a look at the back cover of his forthcoming novel and you’ll see praise from George Romero, Terry Brooks, and none other than the above mentioned Neil Gaiman.  So far I’m digging Crota, and you can bet your booty I’ll be posting a review here when I’m done.


The Audiobook(s)

Okay, you’re getting a two-fer here, because I just started a new audiobook today, but I also want to tell you about another one that I keep in my library.  I’m an audible subscriber, so that means that I get 1 credit per month, which basically translates to me being able to download 1 audiobook per month for my monthly fee of $14.  So if I happen to finish up a book in a couple of weeks (which usually happens) I need something to keep me busy so I don’t spend any more money before my credit replenishes!

Enter The Vampire Archives.  This collection of vampire short stories dates back to 1838 and older, and contains modern stories from Stephen King, Dan Simmons, and Clive Barker.  Here’s what’s so great about The Vampire Archives, though….

This audiobook is 62 HOURS LONG!!!!

That’s a shitload of vampire stories.  I’m not a “vampire guy” by any means.  I like a good vampire story, but it’s not my favorite horror sub-genre.  But 62 hours’ worth of stories for $14 is one hell of a good deal!

Now on to audiobook #2:  The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.  I just started this today so I don’t have much to report, but I’ll tell you why I picked it.  Several people that have read my upcoming novel Greetings from Barker Marsh have compared the style to Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, so I figure I’d better read it.  I love The Martian Chronicles, and I don’t think The Illustrated Man will disappoint.  I’ll let you know once I’m finished with it.

That’s it!  Look for some reviews once I get finished with all of these.



Anybody reading anything good?  Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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