“Johnny Halloween: Tales of the Dark Season” Book Review

As I mentioned in my last “what Tyson’s reading” post, Johnny Halloween:  Tales of the Dark Season, by Norman Partridge, basically brought Halloween in July to this old boy.

It gets some mixed reviews, but I liked it quite a bit.

The book is an anthology, and be it film or literature, I fucking dig anthologies, so I was already a bit influenced going into this one.  I don’t have the book sitting right in front of me, but if I’m remembering correctly I believe there are seven different stories in this particular collection, and they’re all very different, so it’s a really nice assortment for the avid Halloween and horror fan.

Each story takes place in a small town that is just downright weird, so chalk up another plus for me.  I love creepy locations as the focal points for horror stories.  My book Greetings from Barker Marsh follows the same formula (how’s that for a shameless plug?).  Anyhoo, from psychotic kids to psychotic pumpkins to an actual, real-life psychotic, Johnny Halloween delivers up some really fun short stories with just the right amount of nastiness congealing under the surface.

If, like me, you find yourself many times throughout the year saying, “Shit!  How many more days until October?!?,” I suggest you pick up a copy of Johnny Halloween:  Tales of the Dark Season.  It won’t make the calendar pages turn any faster, but it just might provide enough Halloween cheer to keep your wickedness in check and stop you from murdering a neighborhood full of babysitters.

Well, at least until October….

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