What’s in Tyson’s Pocket?

I’ve been accused of being born in the wrong decade, if not the wrong century.  I’m an old soul, and have a natural hesitance towards evolving technology.  I would have been completely at home hanging with the likes of Hemingway, Teddy Roosevelt, and various other American icons who didn’t need an iPhone to help shape the world.

99% of the music I buy is on vinyl (and I’ve been doing that for the last 12 years or so; not just because it’s the cool, retro thing to do these days…).

I shave with an old school safety razor, soap, and badger hair brush.

I work up my Elvis pompadour using pomade that hasn’t changed since 1920.

I smoke a pipe.

Most of the movies I watch debuted before 1990, and the majority were produced in the 50’s-70’s.

Last week at lunch I was sitting with my friend Chris and someone walked up to our table and stared at us for a moment and started to chuckle.  Upon asking what the hell was so funny, they said, “It’s interesting; Chris is using the latest smartphone technology to chase around Pokemon, and you’re sitting there making notes in a leatherbound journal with a fountain pen…”

That got me thinking.  I’ve never considered what I carry around with me strange or particularly interesting, but you might, so I thought I’d post a picture and descriptions of what I carry in my pockets every day.  I may follow this up with what I carry in my bag everyday, and that’s where the stakes get really high.  At any rate, enjoy!


The Handkerchief–One of the most versatile tools in my arsenal.  It can be used for wiping boogers, robbing banks, tying off a severed limb, or drying the tears of damsels in distress, provided you haven’t used it for the first three things.

The Pocket Journal–I don’t actually “journal” in this one; I have several other books I carry in my bag for that.  I primarily use this as my “to do” list and for jotting down confirmation numbers and such.  Lots of people have a to-do list on them, but most aren’t written on German stationary and wrapped in Italian leather.  I’m a classy bitch.  You can pick this one up at http://innovativejournaling.com/shop/journals/innovative/companion/

The WalletI gotta carry my cash and cards in something–might as well be stamped with an old school hot rod and tethered with a chain.

The Knife–I carry a pocket knife every day.  I have pen knives, jack knives, butterfly knives, straight edged, serrated, etc.  I have my “dress” knives and my “casual” knives.  Some are on the cutting edge (pun fully intended) of technology and some are damn near a century old.  My latest everyday carry is pictured above.  It’s a No8 by Opinel.  It’s been manufactured since 1890 in the French town of Saint Jean de Maurienne, and the design has pretty much remained the same since it was carried by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Navy officer and yachtsman Eric Tabarly, Arctic explorer Jean-Louis Etienne, and record setting sailor Alain Colas.  You can run with the cool kids and pick one up below.

The Phone–An iPhone 6.  Look, I gotta have a little technology in my life, O.K.  While I still write all of my books longhand, initially, I use the shit out of my phone to keep up with marketing and social media, plus all of my music, audiobooks and ebooks reside within its magical little frame.  I choose to believe that if Roosevelt and Hemingway were still with us, they’d probably carry one too….

The LighterA classic Zippo; because man should always carry the ability to honor Prometheus’s gift and make fire.  Mine is fitted with a pipe insert so I can light my assortment of tobacco pipes. (I’ll write an article on those later…)

The Fountain PenYes, I write with a fountain pen–exclusively.  I have many, and for the longest time I swore by a rough and tough Japanese design manufactured by Pilot.


One day I discovered the Kaweco Sport.  At first I was a little hesitant, because the pen is made of plastic, but add a 23 KT gold nib and and couple months worth of insanely smooth penmanship and I have to say, I’m in love with this damn thing.  Made in Germany, and you can get one below…

The Pen Case–The Kaweco Sport cap and pen screws securely together, so you should be fine, but I had some scrap leather hanging around and decided to hand-make this custom pen sleeve.  It’s not available for sale, and the fact that I built mine by hand ratchets my badass-mountain-man-Jeremiah-Johnson points up to 100, so if you want one, make one; you crafty little craftsmen(and women).


Well, there you have it.  My everyday carry items.  Am I nuts?  Feel free to tell me in the comments below.  Also let me know if you carry any must-haves on your person every day.  Down the road, look for a post on what I carry in my bag….



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  1. Amy Telford

    Love it! I’m a tiny purse lady & can relate…phone, lipstick, fountain pen, coin purse/debit card holder, & mirror compact. My husband always carries a pocket knife so I’m set!

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