Tyson’s Reading Update July 11th, 2016







O.K., so I should probably spend more time writing than I do reading, but what the hell–I enjoy it.  Hopefully you’ve checked out my last post on what I’m reading, and you’ve checked out some of my recommendations.  If not, here’s my current reading (and listening) list.


The Physical Book


“And Then There Were None,” by Agatha Christie.  Yes, it’s old school–and it’s also one of the greatest mystery novels ever written.  Stick with me long enough and you’ll realize that I’m an old soul, and my tastes in most things–including literature–are old school.  Want some inside scoop?  I’m also reading this one for research, as it’s similar to my current writing work-in-progress.


The E-book


“Johnny Halloween: Tales of the Dark Season,” by Norman Partridge.  I’ll admit, I downloaded this one because the cover was cool looking.  Holy shit, am I glad I did.  I love it so far!  This book is basically Halloween in July, especially if your idea of Halloween (like mine) is twisted as shit.  Plus, it’s a short story collection, which makes it the perfect bathroom break accessory.  (Don’t lie and say you don’t read on the toilet.  Also, be careful–Kindles are far more difficult to dry out than paperbacks if you drop them in the John….)


The Audiobook


“Finders Keepers,” by Stephen King.  Is it cliche for a horror writer to idolize Stephen King?  Honestly, I don’t give a damn.  He’s amazing, and his recent work has been a pleasant detour from the normal balls-to-the-wall terror that we usually get in his work.  Finders Keepers is the second book in a trilogy of what I can only call “crime thrillers” and while I’m only a couple of hours into the recording, it’s already reaffirmed my belief that be it horror, drama, or crime thriller, if Stephen King is at the helm I’m going to enjoy it.


There you have it, folks.  That should keep you busy for a bit.  But honestly, you can absolutely ignore my recommendations if you’d like, but do me a favor:  read something.  As a country we don’t read, and that’s sad.  I think reading grounds us and helps keep us in check, and I think most of you would agree that this country could use a little of that right now.



Anybody reading anything good?  Leave your recommendations in the comments below.


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