Get Tyson’s New Story, “Tethered” Out today on Amazon Kindle!

Hi guys.

Fancy a “longer” short story to take with you to the beach this weekend?

My new story, “Tethered,” is available today on Amazon Kindle.  At 40 pages it’s the perfect companion for a day at the beach or pool.

“Tethered” is a bit different than most of my other fiction.  I called on some of my experiences from the war in Iraq and wrote what can best be categorized as science-fiction military horror.

It’s basically a really graphic episode of The X-Files.

In “Tethered,” Staff Sergeant John Armstrong leads a team into the desert outside of Baghdad in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  What his team finds is far more terrifying than W.M.D.s……and far more alive.

Click on the link below to download “Tethered” now, and please let me know what you think.   (If you’re having trouble seeing the link, try this:  (  )  Post any comments you have below and certainly on the product link on Amazon.  Reviews are the absolute best way to help out up and coming authors like myself.



Thanks again to you all for checking out my site and my books.

Happy Reading!



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